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Groww App Review - It is Best App For Beginners In Indian Stocks?

It is very important for you to know about a good and reliable trading platform to make your investment in the stock market more easy, so today we are going to tell you about one of the best apps to invest in stocks, mutual funds, SIP and gold from your phone. giving complete information in

By the way, in the previous post, we had told about another new and popular Stock Trading Platform called Upstox!

Grow App is one such Online Stock Market Trading Mobile Application through which you can easily invest in Stock Market, Mutual Funds and Digital Gold! This is a completely secure app!

This is the best and most reliable mobile application to invest in Mutual Funds at any time from mobile itself!

Most of the people want to get a good return by investing their money in the share market, but they are afraid of losing their money due to the ups and downs of the stock market or due to lack of complete knowledge about the stock market!

But investing in the stock market can be done even by not investing direct money in the stock market! If you also want to earn money from the share market but do not want to invest money directly in the stock market, then mutual funds are a great option for you!

Actually, the company providing mutual funds has very educated and experienced fund managers who manage your mutual funds very well!

How to Open Account in Groww App?

The most important thing about Groww App is that no third party is involved in it! You can invest directly in it! Grow App is SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board) certified stock market platform! That's why you can trust this Groww App!

Documents required to create an account in Groww App –

To create an account in GrowAap, you need limited documents! Here you just have to update the document number online! Investing in Grow App or Account Open is done in a paperless way which you can do yourself!

Some important documents in Groww App that you need while opening an account!

  1. Pan Card
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Address Proof (Voter ID Card, Passport or Driving License)
  4. Email Id & Mobile Number
  5. Bank Details

Before opening Groww App Account, note down the ID numbers of your documents! Keep in mind that your mobile number should be linked with your Aadhar card. If this does not happen then you will have to contact the nearest office of the nearest Grow app!

How to Download Groww App?

After knowing the necessary documents for Grow App, you have to download Mobile App of Groww App, so let us now know that Grow App Download Kaise Kare.

Now first of all go to Google Play Store of your phone and search Groww App!

After that install the Grow app by clicking on the Install button! Also, let us tell you that more than one crore (1Cr+) people have downloaded this trading application so far!

How To Open Account In Groww App Step By Step

After knowing the documents required to create an account in Groww App and installing Groww App, let's understand the further process step by step!

  • Step 1. Login & Verify Mobile Number

In the first step, open the Grow app and login using your email id like any other application!

After this, verify your mobile number as well as you will be asked to verify the PAN card, enter your PAN card number and you see your name as soon as you enter the PAN card number, after that click on the confirm button!

  • Step 2. Add Personal Details & KYC

In the second step you come to a new page! In this page you can enter your personal details like Date of Birth, Gender and Residence etc. Next click on Next!

After this, fill the KYC details with your documents such as income details and parents' name in KYC Details! Then click on the Next button!

Along with this, you can go to the Mutual Fund Nominee option and write your Nominee Name and Relation with the Nominee etc.

  • Step 3. Add Bank Details

Now by typing your bank account information such as Bank Account Number, Bank IFSC Code, Bank Name, Address and Branch Name, click on Next!

During this, Re 1 is debited from your savings account! And your bank account details are submitted!

Next you go to the Click Your Photo option and click your photo! Also upload the photo of your PAN card.

  • Step 4. Verify Address

Now after uploading your address verification and KYC details in the last step, click on I Agree option of KYC Verification!

Now you see a new page for E-sign! Verify your E-sign here! In this way, the process of creating an account in your Grow app is completed!

What can I invest in Grow App?

If you want to invest in Mutual Funds then you will click in Mutual Fund! More than 5000 mutual funds are given in Grow App! You can also invest directly in these, in which you get a direct profit of up to 1 percent!

By clicking on the Stocks option, you can see the indices of NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)! If you come down a bit, you can also know the latest status of companies running on profit and loss!

If an IPO is open then you can check it by going to the IPO option!

How to use Groww App?

The Grow app is very easy to use! Only after logging into the app, you get the option to invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds and Gold!

So let's know how we can buy and sell stocks with the Grow app!

Buy Stock

To buy any stock, search the company by going to the search bar above! After that, you further check the previous growth record and loss record of the company!

Click on Stock Buy to buy the stock! Whether you want to invest in intraday or on delivery day, go to options and choose!

Those stocks come in intraday, which you buy today and sell today and if you want to buy stock and keep it on hold for a few days, then it is called delivery day trading!

Select Price, Index & Add Money

Next select the prize and index! Also choose the quantity, how many stocks you want to buy! After that click on Add Money to Buy! Add Money You can add both through Internet Banking and UPI!

After the money is added, after you click on Buy Stock, your stock will be bought! So in this way you can buy stock of any company!

Sale Stock

If you want to sell the stock of any company, then you click on that stock and click in the Sale option at the bottom! Next, enter the quantity, how much you want to sell and click on the Sell option! Your stock will go on sale!

To see the performance of all the stocks you buy, click on the Dashboard option below! Here you will see Stocks, Mutual Fund and Gold options, on clicking which you can see their performance in which you have invested!

Withdraw Amount

Like when you sell the stock, 80% of the amount comes in your wallet and 20% of the amount comes on the second day! You have to wait for two days after selling the stock to withdraw any amount to your bank account!

To withdraw, you click in the Withdraw option, whatever bank account will be added to your Grow app, the amount will be credited to you!

How to Invest in Groww App?

So far we have come to know very well how to create an account in Grow App and what can be invested in Grow App? Also how to use the Grow app! So let us now know step by step how to invest in grow app?

We're here to hope you've created an account in the Grow app! So let's move on!

  • Step1. login Groww App

First of all open Grow app mobile application in your mobile. You have to login by entering your password while opening Grow App! (according to the picture)

  • Step2. Groww App Dashboard

After login you will see Grow App as shown below! Here, if you want, first of all, by clicking on ADD MONEY, you can add to invest some money in the Grow app!

But this is not necessary because when you buy any mutual fund or stock, during that time you can add money as per the requirements

You will get more information here like Market Indices, What is Nifty going on? How high is the Sensex and which stocks are in the news right now!

Also you can see your portfolio by clicking in the dashboard and you can set up your grow app account with your option!

  • Step3. Search Your Best Stock

So now to invest in the Grow app, type in the top (as shown in the picture) search bar in whichever stock or mutual fund you want to invest your money in!

Here, as soon as you write the name of a company like axis, icici or hdfc etc. in the search bar, then all the stocks and mutual funds of that company are visible to you!

  • Step4. Explore your Stock or Mutual Fund

So now here you can search for your favorite stock or mutual! After this, you will also get complete information about your favorite stock or mutual fund here such as 1-Day Return, NAV value, size of the entire fund, returns received so far, as well as 1 month, 1 year, 3 and 5 The full graph is visible by year!

Explore more, you can get Pros & Cons, Holdings, Fund Management Team and related news of your Mutual Funds! So always invest only when you have the best information!

So now after having complete information, you have 2 ways to invest in any mutual fund, first one time i.e. a lumpsum amount like FD and second SIP means simple investment plan! So here we choose MONTHLY SIP so that we can invest some money continuously every month!

  • Step5. Invest Now

After this, now in the fourth step, you have to write whatever amount you want to invest! We want to invest 5 thousand rupees every month here, so we write 5000! Then after that click on INVEST NOW! And that's how your investment starts from you!

What is Groww App Charges?

Many times you must have heard that there are no charges in Groww App but it does not happen! It is absolutely true that you do not have to pay any charges for opening an account in this!

You have to pay AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge) around Rs 30 to Rs 50 or Rs 60 in Grow App account!

The AMC charges in Grow App are very low as compared to other broker companies! Transaction charges are approx 0.00325% per share buy and sell in Grow App! The courier charges range from 80 to 100 rupees! Talking about the GST on the stock, it is 18 percent!

Stamp duty is levied up to 0.015% on equity delivery and up to 0.03% on intraday! Some of the charges may also be hidden so it becomes very important to calculate their bill and price while buying the stock!

Is Groww App Safe?

Before investing in the stock market, it is very important to know through which platform we are starting to invest! Before investing through Grow App, you must read Grow App's rating and other user reviews in Google Play Store!

Grow App has a rating of 4.3⭐ in the Google Play Store! In today's time, the number of Grow Your Active Users is more than 1Cr+ (1 Crore)! Only this can be understood that the app is a safe and reliable one! Grow App is registered with SEBI, due to which investors have confidence in it till date!

And if you talk about the mutual funds taken by you and the money invested in it, then let us tell you that the transaction of your Grow Mutual Fund is done through BSE which is very safe!

Groww App's Customer Care Number

The customer care number of Groww App is +91-9108800604! You can contact on this number from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm! You can also visit https://groww.in/ for more information about Groww App!


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